If you are interested in getting a concealed carry permit and learning about Florida handgun training and laws, sign up now for our concealed carry permit class!

ONLY $50! (A $75 VALUE!).

We offer the training required for a Concealed Carry Permit / Concealed Weapons Permit (Florida CWP) and are dedicated to teaching gun safety and concealed weapons training. We also offer specialized courses you may take to improve your knowledge and skill with firearms.

Our classes are very comprehensive: both in developing basic comfort with firearms and understanding the ramifications of carrying and using a firearm. Most of our classes are approved National Rifle Association courses and are taught by a Certified NRA Training Instructor. Using the NRA training method of Total Participant Involvement, the basic courses provide hands on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe Firearm Handling
  • Firearm Parts and Operation
  • Ammunition and its Function
  • Shooting Fundamentals and an Opportunity to Develop Them on the Range
  • How To Select, Clean and Store a Firearm
  • Review of Various Activities Available to help Participants develop and Improve Their Shooting Skills


Please register at: http://www.internationalep.com/class-registration.html, contact info@internationalep.com or call 727-422-7233

Florida Concealed Carry ClassFlorida Concealed Carry Class

Next Class:
SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2017 11am-2pm